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We offer many exciting careers in fields such as business development, information technology, systems analysis, system installation, and field service.

Exciting new career opportunities are coming up soon with Building Systems Technology.  We’ll be posting more information soon.

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Edwards to Expand Fireworks


FireWorks is an incident management command and control platform that comprises hardware, software, and networking components that together provide a powerful and cohesive Mass Notification and Life Safety solution. Sophisticated networking technology allows it to integrate seamlessly with EDWARDS life safety solutions, yet FireWorks remains fully interoperable with third-party equipment, making it ideal for system upgrades or new installations alike. FireWorks can automatically trigger programmed responses to facility events, or it can act as an operator interface for manual control. The FireWorks user interface provides a clear, concise, and coordinated view of any situation by presenting information strategically. Five configurable graphical viewports offer simultaneous insight into different aspects of an incident, while the underlying software
dynamically manages content in each viewport based on real-time events and user interaction. Facility maps, live video feeds, audio channels, protocol information, and fingertip control over vital equipment all come together instantly within view of an operator facing events that require solid information and split second timing. Supporting every FireWorks workstation is a sophisticated network backbone – strong enough to handle coordinated critical control functions from as many as fifty client workstations and many other devices, yet flexible enough to manage integration with third-party mass notification systems. Redundant server options eliminate risk of communications breakdowns by providing alternate data paths that regenerate communications in the event of signal loss. FireWorks can operate on an existing local area network, or provide facility access from anywhere in the world via secured Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections.

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UL 2050 Certification

Building Systems Technology, Inc., is pleased to announce that it has been certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) as a National Industrial Security Systems provider (UL 2050). This certification allows us to install, service and monitor security systems for federal facilities including U.S. Department of Defense.

Building Systems Technology, Inc is a full service provider of commercial security systems in the area. It enables us to secure the facilities of contractors to the government, many of which provide research and support services for the military or other high-security organizations. UL 2050 certification and our ability to develop SCIF, as well as Closed Areas places us among the top security firms in the nation.

Building Systems Technology, Inc. becomes one of the elite number of security companies in the nation to obtain this certification for both installation and monitoring. Building Systems Technology, Inc. by receiving this certification has demonstrated we have of highly skilled employees, gone through extensive training, infrastructure and appropriate backup procedures in place and follow the UL specific processes.

“UL has confirmed that BST can satisfy organizations that require the utmost protection”. We maintain a steadfast commitment to provide our customers with superior service, operational excellence and the right security solutions to fit their needs